Thursday, June 22, 2006

Would you like some spray with that?

Wish-Bone has come out with a really cool product for those watching their figures, going on diets, or just don't like that heavy amount of salad dressing on their salads. Me, I LOVE a lot of dressing. This great new product is the Salad Spritzer.

Cool idea, really.

Then I heard this report on the radio yesterday: there is a diet out there called the Flavor Spray diet. Quite interesting, I suppose. You have to find a flavorless food in order for it to work the best, and the flavors include: chocolate fudge, mochaccino, ranch, pesto, and strawberry shortcake.

Uhhhh.... yeah.

My question is: do you think that would work with margaritas? Same alcoholic content, but it could come in a bottle deceptively marked "chocolate delite."

Imagine the possibilities.

A night out with your husband's boss ...
A weekend with your inlaws ...
A lunch date with a group of women, one of whom you get along with and the other 10 you can't stand ...

By the time I was done with the food part, I could just open the bottle and drink it.

I am now waiting for them to come out with exercise in a spray bottle.... just spritz a little all over your body, and you just had yourself an hour-long yoga session.


Blogger The "Mind" said...

And on the Today Show they were talking about spritzes like this for kids to help in getting them to eat their veggies. Sorry, my kid's aren't going to go for any blue-colored peppermint spray on their broccoli or cauliflower. Just the thought makes me want to gag.

Spray butter, I get; spray salad dressing, I get; your margarita spritz...oh the possibilities. The others, yeah not-so-much.

*snort* Yoga spritz, that's a good one.

2:03 PM  
Blogger Knitting Maniac said...

Yes, they were talking about that on the report, too. I just can't imagine my kids eating something that is supposed to be what it is, but tasting like something it isn't. They would become WAY confused.

2:11 PM  
Blogger jayne d'Arcy said...

I'd like some of that yoga-in-a-bottle, too! I was on a diet a few years back where the doctor gave me these chocolate flavored drops as an incentive to stop my sweet cravings. It didn't work. I'd take a few drops and go mad trying to find more chocolate in the house; real chocolate.

3:19 PM  

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