Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lost in translation

Teach: When is the Monkey's physical?

Mom: This Friday. Why?

Teach: You might want to have them check her hearing. There were a few times when she was not responding to us calling her name.

Yeah? I don't think there is a cure for being three.

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Welcome to The Pink Diary

My new renter, Kailani, is here for a week. Give her some love! I love to go visit her blog and just look around. It is a sweet-looking blog, and dudes... she lives in Honolulu. So, for those of us who have yet to see Hawaii first-hand, it is a great escape!

So go on. I dare ya! Click her thumbnail! She has pictures on there and they are breathtaking.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Lines from movies

Last year, the kids went to a Halloween party. I had scored the Door Man's costume from our local consignment store. The girls were pretty easy to take care of.

The Door Man went as this:

The girls were Thing 1 and Thing 2. It really was a cute little getup. I love to dress them in character themes.

However, before the party started, the Man was walking around our kitchen, practicing his lines from The Cat in the Hat movie to make himself more authentic.

Unfortunately, the Door Man knew one line from the movie.

Dirty Hoe.

And he said it. Many times. Even at the party.

Talk about lines from movies you don't want repeated.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

This is your brain. This is a bad movie. This is your brain watching a bad movie. Any questions?

Ace has put our last month of Blockbuster online to the test. He has rented himself a doozie.

The Date Movie.

I don't even know who is in this movie, but I just watched the opening segment, and I had to leave because I physically felt the brain cells oozing out of my ear, screaming as they abandoned ship.

And he will watch the WHOLE thing. No matter how terribly poor it is. He watched some other movie a month or so ago. Stayed up past midnight just to finish it. Said it was the worse movie he has seen in a LOOONG time.

We have two rating systems.

As bad as The Island of Dr. Moreau and
Worse than The Island of Dr. Moreau.

The Date Movie... that falls in the latter category.

So let's talk about The Office instead. So if you Tivo'd The Office but haven't watched it yet, leave.

Ok. Now that the techie geeks are out of here (just kidding.. it really is veiled jealousy from which I speak), I have to say that this series has restored my faith in the television season. No, it can't make up for a disappointing Desperate Housewives, or a totally predictable Nip/Tuck.

It can, however, take my mind away for 30 minutes. And one more of these episodes, and it is the mother of all season premieres. No, not Lost.

Battlestar Galactica.

Yeah. I talk a lot about it. So what? it's my blog, right?

I cannot WAIT for it to start. Next Friday. October 6. 10:00 pm. I have a Stampin' Up party that night, and then I will be all primed and ready to go for some BG action.

Oh wait. I was talking about The Office.

I loved the British version so much that I didn't want to give the American version a chance. I started watching it in the middle of the first season, and now I just watch it every week. I love this show. I love Michael and Pam and Jim and Dwight. All of them. Just love them. And I hate to admit it, but I am rooting for Michael and Jan to hook back up. You know she wants to.

So now I will take my geeky self and go watch some outtakes from The Office because my television has been taken hostage.

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TT # 12

I have a friend, and her name is Robin. She is a TT'er, too and a fellow blogger. She is someone who has been in and out of my life for quite some time now, and now I can say that we have forged a friendship that is timeless. She dedicated a TT to me once, and it was so completely touching.
So here's to you, my friend....
Thirteen Things I Love About Robin

1. She and I have the same sense of humor. It doesn't matter what the subject is. We can say one word and totally know what the other person is thinking, because we are both on the same thought process.

2. Her scrapbook room is to DIE for. I haven't see it in person now that it is fully decked out, but she posted pictures on her blog of what it is shaping up to be, and all I have to say is the girl is unmatched when it comes to scrapbook supplies.

3. She isn't afraid to speak her mind. Very few of my friends have that ability, and I am totally in awe when she can make a point known without being obtuse about it.

4. Crop-A-Doodle-Do. She knows. She knows how much I spent. She knows how crazy I went. She knows that I can have a trucker's mouth on me. And I know about her, too. We just both ... know.

5. We share the same parenting style. She and I have a tendency to be ... a little louder than most parents. And we joke about it constantly. And we wonder why our children stand out in crowds.

6. Her children. They are just SO near and dear to my heart. I taught her older daughter in Sunday school, thinking to myself "now this is a child who knows who she is." And you SO have to know her older to understand that. And her younger child... what an absolute gem. I just love her to pieces. She is so soft-spoken. I just love to look at these two and think how night and day different they are.

7. Robin is a social worker. I have never witnessed her, first-hand, in her profession, but I know she is excellent. I know that she is nothing but a professional, and can show a compassion beyond compare. I have always admired Robin for taking on such a heart-wrenching profession. I don't think I would have the ability to do that, and to you Robin, I say kudos.

8. She loves to be as crazy busy as I do. Robin and I have what we like to call a multi-tasking ability that many would think is outright chaos. Chaos is where we thrive the best, and if it isn't chaotic enough, we look for something else.

9. She sets up dates for our husbands. I know that sounds strange, but Ace is a very introverted individual with not a lot of outside friends of his sex. Robin called one time and asked for her husband if my husband wanted to go to a NASCAR race together ... and it didn't even strike me as odd that Robin was calling me because I so would have done the same thing with Ace.

10. She lives a secret persona. This blog world, the scrapbooking worlds with her "sistas," it is all just so funny to see her in her "element."

11. She is a college professor. What an accomplishment for you, Robin. I know you love to do it, and it suits you well.

12. She is TALL. Now, I used to think that I was tall. Then I met Jacque (a mutual wonderful friend of ours) and Robin. They are the same height, and I am so glad that they have one another because for us shorties, we don't understand the growing pains they suffered through when growing up. And you should hear them talk about jeans shopping...

13. She ALWAYS has my back around my ex-boyfriend. Her husband is my ex's cousin, and that is how Robin and I met the second round. We were originally in 4-H together, then parted ways, and then re-met when were dating the boys, and then re-met in church. And oh how happy I am that we have caught up with one another during this time in our lives.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You buy from my kid, I'll buy from yours

Ah yes. School fundraiser time. That time of year when you are so afraid to walk into an organizational meeting, or church, or the gym for fear that some rabid mother or pompous father is going to approach you and ask if you want to buy something from their kid. Worse yet is when they sick the actual KID on you. You know the one: the doe eyes, the ambitious quest of selling 180 items because they want that XBox, and the wherewithal that would put Ghandi on a hunger strike to shame.

Two of those packets came home today, and the kids exclaimed "FUNDRAISER TIME!!!"

I cringed. Literally.

Because not only will my kids be known as the obnoxious children who solicit, there will be other obnoxious, soliciting children soon.

That is why I believe we should all subscribe to the "I'll buy from your fundraiser if you buy from mine" mentality. It should be an unspoken promise, but one we enter into gladly and not with that feeling of "great ... now I gotta buy a $ 15.00 tin of popcorn from Johnny."

And I have a bone to pick with my PTO: WHY do you insist on participating in a fundraiser that does, indeed, dangle the XBox carrot in front of my second grader's nose? For only 180 measly items can this be a permanent fixture in my home. And you KNOW that Queen Bee wants it. Because Queen was top cookie seller in her troop last year. So she thinks she can do it again.

The bad thing is, I have to break it to Queen very gently that Girl Scout cookies and a $ 10 candle are two totally different things. You don't see too many people getting all frothy at the mouth for a vanilla scented candle. I HAVE seen people get all crazy-eyed when it comes to a box or two or ten of Thin Mints.

So .... let the fundraising games begin, and may the parents of these children maintain their sanity.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ok Nip/Tuckers

So what did you think?

I wasn't surprised Sean went to her house. I was surprised at the flashbacks, and now I am bummed because I realized that my excitement about seeing the scenes for the season and seeing Escobar's face ... was just realized in tonight's episode.

I am sick of the Christian storylines. Seriously. This is getting to be really old.

And I guess they have to have Sean cheat every other season.

I don't know. Maybe this show is going in the same direction as Desperate Housewives. Because I sure wasn't impressed with that one Sunday night.

I sure hope that Battlestar Galactica doesn't get worse. I think I will lose all hope in television then.

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I have a cold, so therefore, I am not witty.

The Chandelier Monkey, who normally naps for an hour and a half to two hours graced me with a ONE HOUR nap today. Just as soon as I had laid down and started napping myself.

Ace is gone all day today. Won't be home until after the kids go to bed.

So there. An entry, but a "poor pitiful me" one.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Complaining just to .... complain

One thing that my Dad has taught me is to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and move on with life. If life deals you a bad hand, move on. Learn from your experiences. Don't think twice about a mistake made. Don't complain.

Of course, this is also the man who checks his brain out of his head when he takes on tasks at his house and barns. One time, we were power-washing the inside of our barn before we moved my horse in. It was totally covered in cow dung. Totally. The rafters. The floors. The stalls. EVERYthing. Cow dung as far as the eye can see.

My Dad and I are working away. I was in high school at the time, and weekends were spent "working." My parents didn't let me get a job, and I think it was because they didn't want to give up their free, manual labor.

So I am washing my area, and my Dad is washing his. Then his power washer comes unplugged. And he is standing, in ankle deep water with the plug in one hand and the extension cord plug in the other and I screamed "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU MORON!!!" at him. Needless to say, I stopped him from committing some deadly feat.

Anywho. My Dad. Very positive, upbeat kind of guy. Glass half-full kind of person. And he always has some saying.

"If you're gonna dance, you have to pay the fiddler."

"Some people talk to just hear their own voices."

And this morning, I had a student who wanted to complain just to complain.

I teach an independent study course on Litigation this month. On Wednesday, as I do EVERY day I have them, I tell them what to expect on Monday. At NO point in time did I mention that we would be having a quiz. In fact, I stated that there would be no quiz on Monday.

First thing out of this student's mouth (who, mind you, was 20 minutes late to class): We aren't having a quiz today?


Oh. I thought we were having a quiz. And I spent all weekend preparing for it. I wish I would have known that so I could have been doing something else, something fun, something I wanted to do.

Well.... ummmmm.... correct me if I am wrong here. You DID know you weren't having a quiz today. I told you.

This is the first time I have ever heard anyone complain about NOT taking a quiz.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Do you correct it or not?

Ok. I have a typo down there in my last post. I initially came in here to correct it, because that is the editor in me.

But ... I have had people view it, read it, and comment on it. Do I change it now, now that the damage is done?

Because I am SO anal retentive, I will change it.

Or should I leave it there, to show that I am indeed human?

Hmmm.... well, I am off to eat breakfast right now. We shall see if I change it or not.

But while I am at it, please check out my new renter, Hot House Mama! Sound off on her post about eating horsemeat. Me, I wouldn't. I have a hard enough time consuming meat from a cow, let alone an animal that I used to own and ride in horse shows. Actually, JR (my horse) was my boyfriend for a while. But that is another topic for another post. Maybe a T13. Hmmmm....

So click on the thumbnail.. come on. You know you want to....

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bellezza made me do it

Yes. I am blogging. But really quick. Because Bellezza made me do it.

I work for a company that provids online legal research to practitioners, judges, clerks, law students, and generally really anyone who can afford the service and need it.

Here is what I do.

If a case is decided in the district courts of the Sixth and Ninth Circuits, I summarize those. So anything from Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, and then those states out there on the West Coast ... Cal, Ariz, Wash, Ore, Mont.

And what is a summary, you ask? I read a case. I pull out generic points of law like this:

An appellate court reviews a district court's denial of a motion for summary judgment under the de novo standard of review. Fed. R. Civ. P. 56.

Then I classify that little nugget of law into something that is generally searchable, so when our customer comes online, they can pull up all cases that have that classification, which would be something like: Civil Procedure; Summary Judgment; Standards of Review; De Novo.

I then write a brief synopsis of the case, pulling out what I believe to be pertinent information, so when a customer finds this one case, all of that information is at the top of the case. All they have to do is read that summary and decide if it is something they want or don't need.

So isn't that exciting? Hey ... I had to use that law degree SOMEhow.

I work solely from home, with the work week starting at 12:01 am Monday and running through 11:59 pm Sunday night. My family has learned to NEVER call me on the weekend.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Y'all have a good weekend, hear?

No. I am not going anywhere. I am staying right here at my computer.

However, I do have four soccer games this weekend, one kids' concert tomorrow night, and about 3 1/2 days worth of work left to do. In 2 1/2 days.

So ... if I blog this weekend, don't comment. Or throw rocks at me, and tell me to get back to work.

Have a good one!

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My renter's stats

Here are the stats for my recent Rent My Blog campaign.

Hits: 844
Unique Hits: 249
Clicks: 25
Unique Clicks: 21

Thanks Coffee Crochet for stopping by!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

TT # 11

Thirteen Things on My Desk

Yeah... ok ... it isn't an exciting one this week. I'm hungry. I have Taco Bell waiting for me. I was in a room with 27 3-6 year olds tonight for an hour. My brain is fried.

1. My phone. Woo Hoo!

2. A $ 1 Play Money Bill.

3. Well... here's something that wasn't there earlier. My Weight Watchers book full of stuff. I think Ace is trying to tell me something there...

4. Dried pineapple tidbits. Hey... there's a reason that WW book is on my desk.

5. A purple marker that was pried from the Monkey's grasp a few days ago when she came back with it, and about 10 marks on her legs and arms. Thank goodness it is washable.

6. My Iriver and headphones. But I don't listen to it.

7. A giraffe that Queen Bee made at a Vacation Bible School last year.

8. A goals book that I made ... and that the Monkey used the purple marker in.

9. A watch that hasn't worked for years.

10. Oooo... there's that favorite pen of mine ... I've been look all over for you!

11. Batteries. Don't know if they are good or bad or indifferent.

12. The comb I used for my horse's mane and tail.. when I owned a horse in COLLEGE! I don't know how it made it back here, but it is sitting right here, next to the lamp. I have caught the Monkey trying to comb her hair with it on occasion.

13. Two Immodium AD tablets. Because ... you just never know...

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Going postal

That term ... "going postal." Do postal employees really have it all that bad that there is a propensity for violence in the system, causing them to lash out at co-workers and supervisors? Or, is our society just fixated on the system because it creates a better "story" for the papers and news services, as a whole?

I read an article in our newspaper today, an AP column out of Akron. Apparently, one former postal employee had had enough. So he decided to retaliate against his former co-workers. And how did he retaliate?

By pouring urine in the coffee pot.

For several months.

Shaheen was videotaped on two occsions in July 2005 pouring uring into a coffee pot in a break room. He did not offer a motive, but his lawyer, Paul Adamson, said Shaheen had been frustrated about his work.

What would cause you do something like this? I know we all have our problems in this world, but there is NOthing in this world that would be SO bad that I could put urine in a coffee pot, and could stand there, watching people drinking from that pot.

Sure ... there have been times when I dared my online friends (who were getting grief for pumping breastmilk at work) to go up to the boss and say "is that creamer in your coffee, or my breastmilk?" But that would be a joke.

But I guess Mr. Shaheeen just couldn't handle things anymore. So he took matters into his own hands.

And proved the old adage wrong ... he DID have a pot to pi$$ in.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Another Angel In Heaven

With a heavy heart, I report that Christi Thomas has earned her angel wings.

It probably could go without saying that Christi has touched a lot of lives. My friends and I have discussed the sheer amount of strength it has taken her parents to blog about these experiences, and about the life of Christi. With every new update, I have held my breath... until tonight.

She was born on Ace's birthday, and departed this life on my mother's birthday. She will forever be in my thoughts.

Forever nine, Christi had an infectious smile. Except for times when she was in great pain, her smiles were always present in her pictures.

She lived life to the fullest.

And she has taught me much. She has taught me not to take things for granted. She has taught me not to take my kids' good health for granted. She has taught me that we all should live our lives to the fullest, no matter how much time we are given.

In her short nine years on this earth, she accomplished so much and touched so many lives.

Shayne, Angela, and Shayla ... God be with you. In this time of grief, I hope you are able to memorialize the spirit that touched your lives in a way that you feel is right.

Christi ... thank you. Godspeed, little girl. Godspeed. You will be greatly missed.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Pass the Torch Tuesday

On the Monkey's first day of school, I noticed a little girl who was sitting in her chair, crying. She had her comfort item with her, a blanket, draped over the back of her chair. My heart immediately went out to her, thinking how abandoned and alone she had to be feeling at that moment. Her mother had commented in the Open House/Meet the Teachers meeting that her daughter had some separation issues, and that the first few days were going to be rough on her.

Thursday, I took the Monkey in, made small chat with the teacher, and showed the Monkey where her cubby was so she could deposit her backpack and her coat.

The little girl was sitting in her chair with her blanket on the back of it. And she was crying. She was sitting in front of a coloring page, but she was turned sideways, hoping to catch a glance of the mother who had left her there.

The Monkey walked up to the little girl, looked at her quizzically, and decided she knew what the little girl needed.

The Monkey placed in front of the little girl one blue crayon. No words. Just a gesture of outreach to a person who was obviously hurting. And in their little world, small things like that can offer comfort.

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Cleaning out the stuff

Ace and I have been looking for ways to eliminate the stuff in our lives. We are looking at our cable choices. Can we honestly live with basic cable?

Tell me about things you have chosen to take out that "stuff." Kelly is working on 30 Days of Nothing, and I always look forward to hearing how it is going for her family.

We have canceled our Blockbuster Online sub and my Napster sub. If I need a movie, I will rent one. But that "mailed to my door" thing. We just don't need that, and we really don't use it a lot.

I have majorly pulled the kids off of television, so we wouldn't really hear it too much from them. However, the adults are having a hard time giving up SciFi for Battlestar Galactica.

Ok. Who am I kidding? It is THIS adult who is having a hard time with it.

I could survive without Nip/Tuck.

But BG.... man. I don't know.

But then ... if it isn't there, then really ... what DO you miss?

I am waiting on a book from my friend, Melissa, about simplifying our lives. I hope to use it a lot because really ... my family has been overtaken with "stuff."

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Amazing Race 10 - A Review

First of all, PROPS to you, CBS, for keeping this a total secret. I had commented a few weeks ago to my sister that I hadn't heard a thing about TAR and then ... BOOM! There it is. Awesome.

Ok. My feelings on the contestants:

Bilal and Sa'eed: Dudes, you were RIPPED OFF! I would ask for my money back. I would have liked to see them get farther in the competition. I don't think I was the only one.

Duke and Lauren: Duke, it appears that you are the oldest one on this race. Have fun. Lauren ... when your dad kissed you on the cheek, don't rub it off on national television. You might not play for that team, but dude... he's your DAD!

Dustin and Kandice: People look at you because you are flipping BEAUTY queens, not because they know you are tourists.

Erwin and Godwin: Ask your parents to re-name you. But you are mighty cute.

Kellie and Jamie: Way to get the gay guys to cheer with you. You are TRUE cheerleaders, ladies.

Lyn and Carlyn: Props to ya, mamas ... but who has your kids?

Peter and Sarah: Ok... Ace is calling TAR10 Peter: Gaywatch. Sarah. I think I would look for a new man. Any man who says he is going to cry when you reach the top of the wall climbing challenge, and then says he better do a good job or he is going to look like a "dingaling." Ummmm... yeah.

Rob and Kimberly: They fulfill the "couple who can't stand each other 99 percent of the Race, but during that 1 percent, they are sickening sweet with one another, calling each pet names like "honey bear" and "pookie."" So you ... you are just fulfilling the quota.

Tom and Terry: Girlfriends, you all will be a HOOT to watch. And thank you to Tom for giving us the "gay scream" when you started to smash into that wall.

Tyler and James: Ok ... they are really good to look at, AND they have personalities. So one of my faves.

Vipul and Arti: Nah nah nah nah... nah nah nah nah.... hey hey ... GOODBYE!

And last but certainly not least, the hometown team of David and Mary: You all ... they met at McDonalds, and SHE was afraid that HE didn't like her. They came from the hollers of Eastern Kentucky, and I will have a special place in my heart for them. However, I do have to admit that when David was leaning over the wall to give Mary pointers on how to climb successfully, I flashed back to Pete from O Brother, Where Art Thou? telling Delmar and Everett in the movie theater: DO NOT SEEK THE TREASURE! Actually, a lot about them reminds me of that movie.

This should be a good season. Hey ... it is always a good season when I get to look at Phil for an hour every week.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

It is all a difference of perspective, I suppose

From Queen Bee:

Mommy! We met a new friend tonight! He is really nice, and he followed us all over the place at the playground and the park.

Really? That is nice. What was his name?

Ummmmm. Hmmmm. I don't remember.

Ace's version:

Did you hear about our little friend at the park?

Well, I heard that you acquired another child. Who was it?

Well, his name is Anthony, and he lives on X street, so I guess he just walks over to the park whenever he wants to. He was there with his shirt off. We met up with him at the big slide, and then he followed us to a buckeye tree. He asked to ride Queen's scooter, and she said that was fine.

So we take off across the street to the other little playground, and he follows us. Then we walk over to the memorial park, and sure enough, Anthony comes with us. At one point in time, Queen says "he likes me!" And I was thinking the same thing. Then he started talking to me.

So, what grade are you in?

Second. I'm over eight years old.

Oh ok. I was thinking you looked like you were in second or third grade.

Yeah. Well, I am supposed to be in third, but I flunked second grade last year. So I am repeating it.

Oh. I see. Well, I am sure you are doing better this time around.

Yeah. Well, I have some anger management problems.

Oh, really?

Yeah. I don't express my emotions very well.

Aha. Well, ok.

I'm doing ok. I am in counseling.

At which point I made sure that Anthony didn't follow my family home, didn't find out that Queen goes to the same school as he does, and that we got the scooter back in one piece.

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Good morning to my new renter!

Ok .... yes, she crochets. No, it isn't like knitting. It is HARDER (to me, at least!) Welcome to my new renter, Coffee Crochet. Click the thumbnail to the right, and take a look around!

And her button on the side about being a Hillbilly Knitter! That is PRICELESS!!!

All you Survivor fans... get over to her site! She's a fan, too. I watch, occasionally, but not religiously.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Dear Target

Please refresh my memory: did I complete a t-shirt vendor market survey for the Door Man recently?

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ok... I can't stop talking about this pageant crap

So I was looking around that site, with the pictures of all those poor children and babies. Kelly even commented that they just don't look real, that they look like porcelain dolls.

I can't even understand what this world is like, and I am sure that they have their own worlds i which they live. I know I do.

But linking out off of that main site that I linked to in the below post, I found this excerpt.

WOW!! Where do I begin?? My first glitz pageant and Mini Supreme. I had so
much fun I cannot wait to do another one. Thank you Miss Beverly your pageant
was a blast. I LOVE my new Husky from Stuff Happens I took him home and slept
with him the same night. And OH MY GOODNESS what a beautiful crown butterflies
are my favorite. Congrats to everyone at the pageant! Everyone did an awesome
job and looked BEAUTIFUL on and off stage. I had fun playing with all you girls.
I hope we get to do it again soon. My favorite was plaing outside after the
pageant in the sand and seeing the lil lizard you girls caught. Miss Alisha
thank you for my beautiful hair and make-up I cannot wait to do it again. You
are the best and I am sooo happy to be a TKO!!! Thank you for putting on my lips
so many many times, I will try and not eat my lips when you put it on next time.
TEEHEE!! Thank you to my BIG SIS Trinity & my best buddy Sydney for playing
with me and cheering me on on stage. I had a blast at your Birthday party Sydney
playing in the sand and catching the Lizzy the Lizzard and the cake was
WONDERFUL!! YUMMY YUMMY! Thank you Miss Heather for my AWESOME COMP CARD. You work really well under pressure. LOL I will make sure to send my next one to you at the last minute so It is just as good. HEHEHE

Lastly the Biggest thanks of all goes to Larlo (AKA Marlo). You are so silly. I just LOVE to say your name. TEEHEE! Thank you for helping with my hair and make-up. And putting on my lip gloss so many, many times before I went on stage. You were there everytime I went on stage to make sure I would laugh and giggle. You help my Mommy so much and we are so happy you are a part of our lives. We love you guys so much!!

Thank You!XOXOXOXLove Nakayla Jolee Gray

Ok.... do you know how old Nakayla is? Well, she looks to be about three years old.

Do you really think she said ALL that?

Thank you for my COMP CARD? Seriously. If you are going to write a message from your kid, don't you think it should be in three-year old speak?

I think the message should have sounded a little more like this:

Mommy, I want to play like all the normal kids my age do. I want to dig in the sandbox, and swing on the swings. I want to realize MY dream of riding a tricycle. I want to eat sundaes and catch butterflies. I want to tan the natural way by swimming in the pool. I want to run after the ice cream man. I hate that dress, I look like I am 23 years old, and I don't like how scratchy that wig makes my head feel.

Oh no. I'm sorry. That is what I would LIKE Nakayla to say.

Actually, if she were allowed to speak for herself, what would she say?

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Gag me with a wig.... seriously!

Check out this site.

This is wrong on so many levels. Seriously. There is a baby with a hoodie in those pictures with FREAKING LIP GLOSS ON!

WHY do people do this to their children? WHY?


Is it a sick fascination to live a childhood the parents never had? Is it the recognition that the parents want to receive?

I believe that certain pageants have a place and purpose.

These, however, do not. They are a form of child abuse, IMHO, and should be banned.

Since when has it been a good idea to age our children by 20 years with no input from the child?

I mean, do they seriously love it? The children, I mean. Do the two year olds love to be spray-painted with a tan, forced to wear a wig, and put on makeup? Do they love to be shoved out on to a stage, and forced to do some hoochie mama dance routine?

Check out Lindsay Ferrier's article in the Nashville Scene, as well as her post at Suburban Turmoil. You can click on the link in my links on the right.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

TT # 10

Christi Thomas' parents have reached the conclusion that they will allow Christi to "die with dignity" as the cancer has completely overtaken Christi's body. It may seem strange that I keep talking about this little girl, but I know that I am not the only person who has not been able to get her off our minds. With every post comes news that seems harder and harder to handle, and that is just from a reader's point of view. What could her parents and her family and friends possibly be feeling at this point in time.

I look at her pictures, of her progression down this road. There are pictures of happier times, before her diagnosis. There are pictures of graver times when she has no hair or eyebrows or eyelashes. She has fought this disease, tooth and nail, kicking and screaming. But it is just too much for her little body. The tumor in her brain does not seem to be shrinking from the radiation treatments, so her parents have determined that enough is enough.

Even though the recountings of the struggles of this child are hard to read, and the pain of the parents can be felt with every word that is written, her blog has taught me to count my blessings, and to be thankful for my life.

To Christi and her family, thank you for teaching me the value of life. It can never be taken for granted.

Thirteen Things For Which I Am Most Thankful
1. First and foremost: the health of my children. This cannot be stated enough.

2. The journey of this marriage with Ace.

3. The fact that my parents are both alive and healthy, and live in the same town that we do.

4. The fact that Ace's parents are both alive and healthy, and can visit when they can.

5. That my father in law was able to overcome a massive heart attack and continue to live a fulfilling life.

6. My siblings, especially my sister. I would be totally lost without her. I am also thankful that my brother and I, although 11 years apart, can overcome that age difference and still have a healthy relationship.

7. My friends. I am thankful that I can stand with Jacque in church and offer her support when she needs it. I am thankful that Robin and I have entered each other's lives again, and have a stronger relationship than ever before. I am thankful that I have met Christie Weiss, and thankful that our paths seem to cross more and more everyday.

8. This small town that I grew up in, and am now raising my family in. I love this little town. It means so much to me.

9. My job. As much as I complain about it, I have it, and I am thankful for that.

10. Even though I cuss and carry on, I am SO thankful for my church, and the lovely people in choir with me.

11. My knitting business. It isn't huge, but it has offered money when we needed it.

12. My house. Although it is small compared to a lot of other houses, it is home and it offers that comfort and solace to my children.

13. Last, but certainly not least, and the most important one of all .... my children. I could not live without them. I could not imagine life without them. I am so thankful for them every day. I look for new ways that they continue to amaze me, and I love them for who they are, and who they are yet to be.

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I Caught Ya!

Last night, I attended two school open houses. One was for the Door Man and his Kindergarten class, and the second, one hour later, was for Queen Bee and her second grade class.

Every year, the principal (who is a very lovely lady) gets up in front, gives her little spiel to the parents (who are seriously under-represented because I know for a fact that there are more than 30 families who have Kindergarten students in that school. But I digress). She talks about the goals and mission statement of the school, and how she would like the parents to hold the hands of the children as they embark upon their education in our school system.

Then she introduces the teachers, who are then dismissed to their classrooms to prepare for the onslaught of parents.

The parents remain in the gymnasium to then listen to the words of the PTO president. She has been the president of the PTO since Queen started in the school two years ago. So I am on my third presentation of the SAME speech. Same words. Same goals. Same fundraisers. If there is a new fundraiser, it is reduced to a sticky note, which is read at the end of her presentation.

Even though I have heard this speech three times already, I decide to listen to her presentation during the Kindergarten portion. Our primary and elementary schools are split out in some locations. Ours is one of them, so we have a sister school that houses the third through fifth graders. The PTO runs programs and fundraisers for both schools.

It has always been my belief that the PTO puts most of its money where the President's kids go to school. And last night, I think I caught her making such an admission.

At the Kindergarten speech, she discussed how they want to raise money for "new playground equipment at XX school (the sister elementary school)" and "improvements at YY school (my kids' school)."

And where do her kids, as well as a majority of the PTO's officers' kids, go to school? Well, at XX school.

At the second grade speech, it was revised to "new equipment and improvements at the two schools."

Yeah. Ambiguity is thy name, PTO President. But not with me, sister. I'm on to ya and your organization!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pass the Torch Tuesday

Today will be a different entry for me. Since Kelly introduced the concept of "catching a kid doing a good thing," I have kept my eye out for all kids doing this, not just mine.

A few times, I have commented about a girl who is battling Neuroblastoma. Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of her nasty diagnosis. She was diagnosed when she was five years old, and has lived with this nasty cancer since then.

But she isn't the only who has lived this life. So have her parents, her grandparents, and her friends. But most importantly, Christi has a little sister named Shayla. Shayla is around Queen Bee's age, and I look at her pictures and think to myself: WOW. Imagine what the Queen would be like if she had to endure a sibling who was diagnosed with a terminal disease.

Things with Christi have gone from semi-good to bad to worse in the matter of a few weeks. A few weeks ago, she was at school, enjoying herself. Then the pain started, and they could no longer control it with what they had at home. They needed to make the trip to CHOP in Philly. The father, Shayne, took Christi, and the Mom, Angela, and Shayla, met up with them over Labor Day weekend. The parents had been "keeping Shayla at a distance" from the situation, wanting to shield her from as much as they could. However, they decided it was time that Shayla saw and knew everything that was going on with Christi.

You can read through Christi's blog, and see all of the amazing things that Christi has had to endure. However, I have been amazed and taken aback at the profoundness presented in Shayla's compassionate and caring nature. Instead of being jealous of the attention given to Christi, Shayla responds with a kind touch, a loving comment.

In particular, this comment struck me:

Sweet Shayla made us cry last night. Even though she’s staying overnight with the Grants and did not want us to drive out to get her when I called and asked her, we found a note she left behind. It said, "Help is my job." She’s a sweetie!

There are many posts there to read about Shayla and Christi. Both of these girls deserve so much more than the hands they have been dealt. But they both are true warriors.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Mommy ... how do people die?

For some reason, Ace had Queen recite the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep prayer last night. She didn't like it.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
I Pray the Lord My Soul to Keep
If I Die Before I Wake
I Pray the Lord My Soul to Take

Ok. Seriously. What parent would make their child say this?

Well, mine. And Ace's. This prayer was said by me every single night when my head hit the pillow. I didn't think a thing about the words I was reciting, because, well, I think it was the instilled Lutheran ways. We recited creeds and prayers like they were written on the back of our hands. The Apostle's Creed. Knew it by heart. The Nicene Creed. Could say that in my sleep. So I think that was the main reason why that prayer never bothered me.

But tonight ... after Ace said it to the Queen last night ... it is still fresh in her memory. And with today being the day that it is, and my conversation with my sister tonight about how her dog of many, many years passed away during the night, it is weighing heavily on her mind.

She came out about 10 minutes ago, and asked if she was going to die in her sleep.

WHAT do you say to that? I don't know if I said anything right. I told her that there are no promises that I could give her about death, because that is nothing within our control.

Then she asked me how people died.

A scary concept, I know. Shoot, it scares me, and it is hard to be all "death is a natural thing" when we know nothing about it.

It is an extinguishment of the person, and that is what Queen sees.

Sometimes being a parent is hard.

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9/11 ... where were you?

It was the Queen's first day of preschool. I was driving her to school, listening to K-Love. I heard the radio announcers say a prayer for the souls aboard a plane, and for the situation in New York City. I looked up in the sky, and it was a clear and beautiful morning.

I drove home, and turned the news on. My sister in law, whose birthday was that day, called me from home, crying. "Can you believe THIS? This is awful? WHAT is happening?" I told her that I had no idea as I had just come in and flipped the television on. It was on almost every single channel. At that point in time, the second plane had already hit the second tower. My mother in law called, saying she was watching the newscasts when the second plane barreled into the tower. Disbelief and a feeling of surrealism was starting to settle in.

I called Ace to see if he had heard the news. We were sitting on the phone when the first collapse occurred. I remember sitting on the couch, and screaming "NO!" when it happened. I knew that it was only a matter of time that the second tower would fail. And it did.

Life was not the same after that. We walked around, looking to the skies, wondering what was going to be next. We started to worry about our water sources. We started hearing words like "biological terrorism" and "heightened terror levels." We watched in agony as bombs were set off in the London Transport systems. Initially, we cheered when we heard of the foiling of a yet another major plot to bring the terror back, but then stepped back and said "please, not again."

To the victims' families of 9/11, may you someday find peace of heart and mind. It must be very difficult to relive this tragedy every time this date is mentioned, every time you see a picture of a loved one, every time you see a picture of the Pentagon, or the Twin Towers, or an empty field in Pennsylvania.

I will never forget where I was. Will you?

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

My new renter

I would like for you all to meet my new renter, The Foo Logs. Apparently, this blogger is from Ohio ... I need to find out where.

So please stop on over, take a gander, and let him know whether he should take the plunge and get that KITT kit. I know if Ace came home with a KITT kit to make a KITT car of his own, I think I would go ... well.. ballistic?

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Dear Mominator

Look. He made it. To AND from school.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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My morning cup of guilt

Today is the day. The day that the Door Man enters the halls of public education. The day that the Door Man spreads his wings, and establishes a tiny bit more independence. The day that brings the neurotic phone call from the Mominator.

Ring. Look at caller id. Ok ... I know I haven't had my first cup of coffee yet, but I am willing to brave the conversation sans caffeine.


So.... is he ready?

Yep. He is all dressed and ready to go.

Is he excited?

Yes, he is. He asked to get dressed at 8:15, and he doesn't leave here until after lunch.

Oh. What time are you taking him? What time does school start?

Well, he asked to ride the bus this morning. Since it is only Kindergartners, I think I am going to let him (word to the wise ... never show your hand in cards). I will follow behind him in the van, and make sure he knows where to line up, and see the bench where Sissy (Queen) will meet him to get on the bus to come home.

Pause. The pause of guilt.

Oh. He's riding the bus BOTH ways? Isn't that a LOT for the first day of school? Didn't you drive Queen to school on her first day?

Yes, I did drive Queen to her first day of school because I succumbed to pressure.


Drawing in her breath: Well, it IS a big day.

Yes. It IS a big day. I remember feeling abandoned by you because you were student teaching, and you just dropped me off at school, and when it came around to rest time, I laid my head down on the table and started crying.

Major bout of silence.

Are you still there?

Well, of COURSE I am still here. I was just thinking that that is a lot of bus for him for his first day.

Well you know what? Let's just hold him back a year and let him go next year. And while we're at it, why don't we look for a replacement for me, because I obviously don't have any common sense. Because apparently YOU think that I am going to majorly scar my child for life by putting him on the bus to AND from school. So ... just call CS. I am sure they will find an appropriate house for him somewhere.

Now! You are being totally unreasonable.

Am I? You call. You hear what I have planned. You start making your comments. You start laying on the guilt. Really. Am I the one being unreasonable here?

I just don't want him to get lost.

WHERE will he get lost? I really don't see him jumping up every time the bus stops to pick up another Kindergartner and trying to run off the bus. I am going to MEET him there. I am going to show him where to line up. The only difference is, he will be on the bus, which is where he ASKED to be.

Ok. You know best.

ALWAYS there to get the last jab in.

Mini Martha would have told me to roll over and tell her I would consider her comments.

I should have had that caffeine.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The writing is on the wall

that we have a bored, soon to be going to Kindergarten tomorrow, six year old.


that Mommy shouldn't have been spending so much time, Thursday Thirteening it.


that Mommy owes a huge debt of gratitude to the blessed person who came up with the concept of the washable Rose Art marker.

Because ... that sampling. That was on EVERY SINGLE WALL in his sister's room. And her doors.

Those are the Door Man's initials. And his comment:

Well, this is going to be my room soon, anyway.

Who can argue with that logic?

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

TT # 9

The ladies at T13 have challenged us to write 13 things that we like about ourself, because we do spend more time talking about the things we don't like. So it would be nice to focus on the positives, rather than the negatives.

So ... here are .....

Thirteen Things That I Like About Myself

1. I like the fact that I taught myself how to knit from a book and watching a video. I take great pride in my knitting, and that pride is greater when I know that I am the one who taught myself.

2. I like that I have a pretty decent singing voice. Not operatic, mind you. But fairly decent, and ok to listen to.

3. I like that I get more and more computer savvy every day. I am trying to learn some HTML, and I think I am doing an ok job with it. Now, don't ask me to design a blog or website. Not up to THAT much coding.

4. I like the fact that I followed through with cloth diapering my last child. I didn't think that I would have the fortitude to see it through, but I did. And I am so glad that I did. I loved every minute of it. I love it when I can surprise myself like that.

5. I like my sense of humor and quick wit. I like that I can (sometimes) come up with a crack, and I think my timing is pretty good. I won't be doing stand up any time too soon... I am not the next female Dane Cook or Ron White.

6. I like how I can multi-task. I love to be busy, to the point of appearing to be insanely busy. I love how I have been able to juggle a lot of balls in the air. I don't like it when those balls drop to the ground, of course.

7. I like that I can dye yarn. A lot of people are amazed that I can do this, and I love to admit that the item I am knitting is using my yarn.

8. I like that I have a law degree, and that I am using it. I decided not to practice when I was in law school, and I am glad that I stuck to my guns on that decision.

9. I like my vocabulary. I don't have a large one, but what I do have ... some words I use can cause some to scratch their heads.

10. I like the friends I have. I know that isn't something directly about me, but it is. I like that the friends I have seek me out, and me them. I like spending time with them, and they are all people that I need to surround myself with.

11. I like that I have found Thursday 13. I am so glad I made the decision to try it out, and this is my ninth week doing so.

12. I like, no, I LOVE my blog. It is very me.

13. I like that my reputation precedes me in some settings.

So ... what are 13 things that you like about yourself? Dare ya!

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

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And the answer to the question was....


"What are you doing out there?"


"Really? Are you sure?"


"So really, not doing a thing out there? Not getting into anything ... nothing?"

"Whaaat? I'm not doing ANYthing.

Oh really?

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oh .... the sexual depravity

Yes. I will probably be lowering myself on a lot of scales when I make this admission: I am a Nip/Tuck FREAK! I have not missed one episode of this show since it debuted a few years ago. Yes, there is sex. Yes, there is sex. And yes, there is sex.

But there are good stories. There are great characters. And there are some pretty good looking doctors on the show. I just finished watching the season premiere .. and OH MY GOODNESS.

Ok. Brooke Shields, Kathleen Turner, AND Larry Hagman. All in the same episode. It was like watching an episode of The Love Boat. The only person missing was Charo.

But the best part came when they showed the previews for the whole season. You see ... at the end of the first season, they had this nasty dude.

Specifically, this guy:

He played a man named Escobar. He was a mean dude. Mean, mean, mean. And that picture doesn't do the tattos on this man justice. He has them, and they totally make his character.

His name is Robert LaSardo. He did a brief stint on General Hospital a few months ago, playing Manny Ruiz. Well, it seems that Jason killed Manny by shoving him off the rooftop of General Hospital.

That was nice compared to what Sean and Christian did to Esocobar in the last show of season one.

But I won't say what it was, because my friend, Robin, is still watching Season One, and I don't want to spoil anything for her.

But I swore this man would be back.

And guess what?

He is. And I can't wait.

So, call me a freak. Call me a tv geek. But just don't call me at 10 pm on Tuesday nights, 'cause I won't be answering ANYone's calls. And I even gave up watching Mike Rowe's outtakes on Dirty Jobs!

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More than just a Happy Meal

Today is the Door Man's Sixth Birthday. It is hard to believe that six years have passed since I pushed that little man out of my body. He has been a real treasure. He has a heart the size of Texas, and he wears that on his sleeve.

He is an excellent big brother. Nurturing to the point of mothering. It really is sweet to see him with his little sister. And the Monkey seeks him out above anyone else, so that speaks volumes to me.

This morning, my mother was watching them so I could teach a class on Litigation. She said that my Dad (PawPaw) stopped over to invite the Man out to lunch, and then take a side trip to the hardware store. Well, lunch out is one thing; lunch out with PawPaw is something completely different. It was building up to a special birthday for him.

He took the Monkey to the window, and pointed to my Dad's car.

"See that car out there. That is the car that will take me out to eat. But you aren't going."

I laughed when Mom relayed that message, and when it was time for the Man to take off with PawPaw, he was bounding with excitement. He left in PawPaw's car, not knowing where he was eating, or what he would have.

An hour later, they pull in the driveway, and the Man comes running in with a Happy Meal toy, and some brochures on who knows what.

The Monkey, who had been waiting for him for that hour, ran out into the kitchen, yelling his name. The Man walked up to the Monkey, put his hand on her head and said "you're cute!" and handed her his Happy Meal Toy.

Here you go. I got this for you.

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Monday, September 04, 2006

On the cusp

On the eve of the Door Man's birthday, and the first day of school, I admitted to Ace that I wished that summer was just starting now. I can't believe I said that OUT LOUD!

I want the summer back. I want to have Queen Bee home. I want to hear "I'm bored." Well, no. I don't want to hear that. I want the freedom of summer. The lazy days of summer.

They are gone. Gone gone gone like the wind.

Tomorrow, I rise, get myself showered and dressed, get the Queen ready for school, give the Man a present, shower him with love, get the Queen on the bus, and then go teach a class. A class in which I have not run off ONE syllabus. I have NO idea what I am teaching tomorrow. I have taught the class before (Litigation), so I know what I am doing. And it is independent study, so really ... But still.

I just hope the Mominator remembers that she is babysitting for me tomorrow. Because if she doesn't, the Door Man and the Monkey will be the youngest students at this college.

Tomorrow, it all starts. Soccer practices, games, dance practices for both girls, homework, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, two kids in the same school, waiting for the bus to come home, Wednesday night madness, Saturday morning madness.

Can you see why I want summer back?

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The Crocodile Hunter

Well, it appears that the risks that Steve Irwin took throughout his very short life here on Earth took their toll ... article.

This just makes me sad. Such a tragic loss for his family and his friends. He would have been the first to say it wasn't the animal's fault for defending itself, because he truly understood that we are the ones encroaching on their territory.

Ace and I used to watch him quite a bit before we had kids. And ESPN had this really cute commercial during NCAA basketball time of Steve, tackling the Florida Gator mascot when the mascot got off the elevator right in front of Steve.

So sad...

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

A heavy heart

I have been following this little girl's blog for some time:

She has been battling neuroblastoma since she was the tender age of five. She is back in the hospital in Philly. My fear every time I check in there is that the news is worse.

It sounds like it is today.

I ask any of you who pray or say well wishes or blessings to do so for this family. She is nine. Her sister is seven, and I am sure that she is not understaning the full force of what is happening now. This family is needing a lot of support, whereever that support may come from.

That is my wish for them.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Apparently $ 10K can buy a lot of fireworks

Ace and I went to the local university's football massacre ... oops ... game tonight with my Dad. That left the Mominator in charge. I told her she should get the kids in bed between 8 and 8:30. She did not heed my words of advice.

I also warned her that some local yahoo/millionaire's brother was having a birthday, and apparently, they thought the whole neighborhood needed to know about it by purchasing $ 10,000 worth of fireworks for the celebration. So she had fair warning.

While we were watching the hometown heroes getting their behinds whooped by the national champion of their division three out of five years, the fireworks starting making their way over the treeline.

While they looked right pretty from where we were sitting, we knew that these things would be shaking the windows at the house, and more than likely keeping the kids awake. The older two I wasn't worried about at all as they have had their fair share of house shaking. It was the Monkey that I was concerned about.

So I called ... and sure enough ... the Monkey is out and awake.

On a different note, Queen and I handed out food at a local food pantry's drive in our church's parking lot this morning.

I am sure that organization could have found a good way to put that $ 10,000 to use.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Perfect Post Awards - August

A Perfect Post

Lucinda from Suburban Turmoil and MommaK from Petroville recognize Perfect Posts every month. This month, I chose a perfect post from Dolce Belezza. Specifically, it was this post.

I read the post three times, thinking of the things that I miss. But then I put it into perspective of that "thing" being attached to a person. Her father was a cowboy ... and the last sentence ... just captured my heart.
And Belezza ... when you read this, I need to email you your Perfect Post button! Sorry ... I coudn't find anything on your site that pointed me to an email addy for you!

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A few houskeeping things

First off, thanks to everyone for a successful TT for me! Thank you to Leanne, Nancy, Denise, and Lindsey for their choice of my blog to feature at the Hub this week! It was awesome!

Second, thanks to Mr. Linky for the awesome tool they have created. I recommend it highly.

Third, I have a new renter: Crybaby Chronicles. There is no thumbnail showing, but she has a really cute site. Go check out her entry about the sleepwalking/talking kids, and her husband's aversion to them! It is pretty funny!

I think that is all for now. Have to go feed the crew and get ready for the Mominator to come over at 9:30 this morning. She has a big choice to make: she has been offered a teaching job in Arizona (and, not disclosing where I live ... but it ain't anywhere NEAR Arizona), and she REALLY needs to make up her mind. I think she will be deciding here within the next few days.

And food for thought: puffy Cheetos. How many will you eat before you decide they are too stale to eat? You know they are going to be stale because you saw that the bag was open. But you take that chance... and to me, there is nothing grosser than a stale Cheeto. But ask me how many I ate before I decided that being able to crunch all the way down on a Cheeto and having it stick in my teeth was just a little too much? At least 5.

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The Lovely She, that is me!

I'm a mom of three peeps ... Queen Bee, The Door Man, and the Chandelier Monkey, and wife to Ace, the Helpful Hardware Man. I created this space to get away from the people known as my inlaws, and because life with three kids and a hubby is all Unexplored Territory.

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The nine-year-old who seems to be growing older every minute, has an opinion and a comment for everything, and has a true servant's heart.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The seven-year-old who loves the organization of things, will someday be someone's therapist because of his kind soul, and will more than likely be living with us until he is 40 years old.
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The five-year-old with the 13-year-old attitude, who has a dictator's personality, asks you to watch her all the time and say "hold on" to keep your attention, and will someday come home on the back of some dude's motorcycle with 10 tatts and a body piercing or two.

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The man of the house, the fixer of things, the winner of prizes, and the only person in his family to escape the South.

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